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Educating patients about headache and migraine issues

The following are a list of Health and Healing published articles concerning headaches and migraines, written by Dr. Charles Matthews.  

Dr. Matthews is an expert in headache and migraine treatments, with over 25 years of of practice devoted to the study and care of headache patients. 

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It’s Sinus Season at the Headache Clinic

Here at the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic near Rex Hospital, we are seeing a large number of patients who are convinced that they have sinus headaches, yet they are not getting well with sinus treatment. The good news is that recent studies have clarified the relationship between “sinus problems” and migraine- and this understanding has led to effective new treatment for sinus headache.  >> read more >>

Migraine: Not a Thing, But a Process

Dr. Charles Matthews, a neurologist who established the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic 25 years ago, has devoted most of his professional life to helping patients find different paths for the relief and cure of headache.  “All the headaches that you have can be blamed on your parents (you can tell them I said so); you get all the credit for the headaches you don’t have.”  >> read more >>

Do You Have Toxic Headaches?

Is there a strong link between toxic substances and headaches?  According to Dr. Charles Matthews, a neurologist, founder of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic, and nationally recognized as a leading expert in diagnosing and treating headache, the answer is a qualified “yes.”  >> read more >>

Headaches and Alternative Treatments

Are there “Eastern” or alternative treatments that are effective in relieving headaches? Who better to answer that question than Dr. Charles Matthews, a neurologist and founder of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic, based in Raleigh.  Some of the most popular alternative approaches include biofeedback, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, magnesium supplements, fish oil, vitamin D supplementation  >> read more >>

Healing Headache

When it comes to healing headaches, Dr. Charles Matthews is recognized as a master far beyond the boundaries of North Carolina.  “To get a good diagnosis of a headache, you must get your hands on the head.  You need to palpate the structures of the head and neck and really palpate the individual muscles.  That is exceptionally revealing of much that is not found in the usual exam given by doctors.”   >> read more >>

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