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Educating patients about headache and migraine issues

The following are a list of Health and Healing published articles concerning headaches and migraines, written by Dr. Charles Matthews.  

Dr. Matthews is an expert in headache and migraine treatments, with over 25 years of of practice devoted to the study and care of headache patients. 

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FDA Approves Botox to Treat Migraine

News for those who suffer with migraine headaches: the FDA has recently approved Botox as a treatment protocol for this condition. We asked Dr. Charles Matthews, a board certified neurologist and Director of the North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic, to explain the likely benefits of this decision.  “But first,” he said, “my usual caution: Botox was FDA approved for chronic migraine.  If you have frequent headaches, they are likely to be migraine, but they may not be.”  >> read more >>

Migraines, Stress and Inflammation

Are migraine headaches a sign of inflammation? Are they exacerbated by stress? And linked to disease states? When we have questions about headache, generally, and in migraine headache in particular, we always seek answers from Dr. Charles Matthews. Some researchers think that aging is actually a form of stress.   >>  read more >>

Genes and Migraines

To learn more about the impact of our genes on migraine headaches, however tenuous it may be, we turned to our expert on the subject, Dr. Charles Matthews. “When most genetic problems ’cause’ disease, it’s usually severe progressive childhood illnesses.  For those common illnesses that most of us have — migraine, heart disease, common forms of cancer — it’s going to be very hard to make much of a connection with these genetic associations.”  >> read more >>

Caffeine and Headache

Caffeine acts as a stimulant by displacing adenosine in the brain. Notice the similarity of the words “caffeine” and “adenosine.” Adenosine — you may recall from high school biology — is involved in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and energy cycling in cells. However, the actions of caffeine are complex and not fully understood. A daily caffeine habit is probably the most common cause of worsening headaches.   >> read more >>

Serious Causes of Headache

Seeking the cause of a headache is the first priority at the Headache Clinic — an important task considering the very wide variety of possible causes.  While potentially serious, these causes are rarely encountered in routine clinical practice. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, chronic mononucleosis, and other undetected systemic infections may present with headache.  We also see headache with carbon monoxide, mold, and other environmental poisoning.  >> read more >>

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